Whatever your construction demolition requirements may be, Correa Builders is at your service. This type of construction work requires both precision and skill, and we have the tools and talent to safely complete any kind of demolition project in the Greater San Antonio area with maximum efficiency.

Whether it’s a warehouse, office building, or shopping mall that needs to be dismantled, we’re capable of completing the task. When managing construction-related demolition jobs, we always secure the necessary permits, take important safety precautions, and haul away or arrange for debris to be recycled.



Construction demolition is often just one step of an extensive project, such as knocking down an older building so new construction can begin. If this is the case with your job, we’ll collaborate with your team to factor in any post-demolition work that is planned.

Correa Builders wants to be your one-stop source for construction demolition in San Antonio, TX. We take pride in being a reliable company with a proven ability to proactively plan and orchestrate all necessary demolition and removal steps. Call today to plan and schedule your project.